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Techno T.E.A.M.S.

Today’s youth live and breathe technology while senior citizens are often intimidated and inexperienced in this area. The Techno T.E.A.M.S. program provides opportunities for Techno-Savvy teens to empower senior citizens through computer/technology mentoring. This inter-generational program provides a relaxed, social atmosphere of fun learning experiences.

General Services Provided:
• Provides senior citizens the opportunity to advance their computer know-how to include: YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, internet browsing, internet games, etc.
• Encourages inter-generational social interaction to break down the walls of ageism while empowering seniors to cross the “digital divide”.
• Provides teens community service credits needed for graduation

Eligibility Requirements:
• Mentors must be 14 and older.
• Mentees must be 55 and older.