Help Wanted! Baby Feeders, Rockers, & Readers

Help Wanted! Baby Feeders, Rockers, & Readers

LCCAP provides child care for low income infants and toddlers while their families are working or in training. These infants and toddlers in our care often have experienced stress and trauma as a result of a variety of circumstances their families have had to face and would benefit from volunteers willing to spend extra time holding, feeding, rocking and reading to them!

AND…..The Early Head Start grant only provides us 80% of the cost it takes to operate the program. We must seek the other 20% from the community in terms of volunteer time or donated goods.

20% needed from the community = $422, 294.00!
Your volunteer time translates into $17.38 / hour in in-kind dollars to support the program!

Would you and a friend consider volunteering with our infants and toddlers in this way??

Or perhaps you or your group would be interested in donating supplies or materials that we use every day as we care for our children? These goods are worth money to us when they are donated!


Diapers and Wipes (Any Brands)
Baby Food
Formula (Similac, Preferred)
Teething Rings
Sippy Cups,
Toddler Utensils
Stuffed Animals
Infant/Toddler Toys

Download the flyer Here

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