Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)

Lawrence County Social Services, Inc. (LCSS) oversees the Lawrence County Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP).   Individuals that have Medical Assistance/Medicaid through the Department of Human Services may qualify for free transportation to their medical appointments and to the pharmacy. In order for the trip to be eligible through the MATP, the recipient’s Medical Assistance coverage must be paying for the medical service or prescription being obtained at the destination. Based on the individual’s residence location, whether they have access to an automobile, and their disability status, LCSS will designate one or more of the following transportation options:

Private Automobile Mileage Reimbursement

Medical Assistance Recipients that own an automobile or know someone that is able to take them in a private automobile to their medical appointments and to the pharmacy will be reimbursed at $0.12 per mile plus any applicable tolls or parking fees.

New Castle Area Transit Authority (NCATA) Bus Tickets

Medical Assistance Recipients that live along the NCATA fixed-route bus service and are traveling to medical destinations that are also along the NCATA fixed-route will be given free bus tickets. If a recipient’s residence and medical destination are both along the NCATA’s fixed-route, but the recipient’s medical needs prohibit them from utilizing the NCATA bus service, they may be assigned to a more specialized transportation provider.

Allied Coordinated Transportation Services, Inc. (ACTS)

Medical Assistance Recipients who cannot utilize private automobile mileage reimbursement or the NCATA fixed-route service based on their residence location or special needs may be assigned to ride with Allied Coordinated Transportation Services, Inc. (ACTS). ACTS is a door-to-door, public transportation provider serving Lawrence County.   For MATP eligible trips, passengers do not pay a fare as the full fare is billed to the recipient’s Medical Assistance coverage.

If you or a family member have Medical Assistance through the Department of Human Services, please call (724) 658-7258 for more information or to apply for this program.