Vehicle Purchase & Repair Program

Through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, ACTS is available to assist working parents with financial assistance to purchase an automobile or repair an automobile. Please contact (724) 658-7258 to inquire about this program.

Consumer Cost:

  • Working parents will be required to pay a portion of the vehicle purchase or repair cost.


  • Individual must be employed for at least 30 days and work a minimum of 20 hours per week. For individuals just starting new employment, ACTS is able to offer free public transportation on our ACTS buses or through NCATA bus tickets until the 30 days requirement of employment is reached.
  • Individual must have primary, physical custody of a minor, dependent child.
  • Family enrollment maximum in this program is 12 months from date of enrollment or if they reach the maximum spending allowance of $5,000.
  • Individual must be part of a household whose annual income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. For a family of 4, the annual income can be up to approximately $50,000 per year to qualify.

Program Restrictions:

  • Individual must have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License.
  • For vehicle purchases and repairs, the maximum assistance is $1,500 and requires a minimum portion to be paid by the individual.